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“I am deeply grateful that the Athens area now has a clubhouse for those of us in recovery. It’s a safe place to meet, fellowship, enjoy sobriety, conduct our infamous “meetings after the meeting”, and work the steps of A.A. with our sponsors/sponsees. Heartfelt gratitude to all those who saw the need and made it happen. Joyfully, gratefully I’m in!” -JP

Welcome to The Giving Station

5 ways to help 24th Street serve our recovery community

If you wish to donate by check or cash, please fill out the Giving Station Form provided at the clubhouse.
Place the completed form and your payment in an envelope provided at the clubhouse office and deposit in the Dropbox slot located in the office door.
You may also mail your donation to:
24th Street, Inc.
P.O. Box 49428
​Athens, GA  30604
Download the donation form and print if you don’t wish to visit the clubhouse:
24th Street Giving Station Form
Donations can be made online by completing the following information: