Clubhouse and Ground Rules

24th Street, Inc. Clubhouse and Ground Rules 

These house and ground rules have been established to maintain a safe and inclusive  place for 12 step recovery meetings. Violations of ground rules will result in disciplinary  action, including restriction of attendance and/or barring from the Club for 30, 90, 180  days or life depending on the severity of the infraction. Disciplinary action will be  determined by the 24th Street Board of Directors. 

Please report infractions to the Club office (drop slot in door), or directly on the  24th Street website under the tab “Suggestions.” Confidentiality will be respected for all  parties involved. Infractions that break the law will be enforced by the Clarke County  Police Department. 

  1. Discrimination will not be tolerated based on religion, race, nationality, orientation, or gender.
  2. Alcohol and illegal substances are strictly prohibited.
  3. Firearms or other weapons are prohibited in the building.
  4. Courtesy and consideration of others is expected. Avoid disturbances while meetings are in progress.
  5. Fighting, violent actions, threatening behaviors, altercations, theft, or inappropriate sexual behaviors are prohibited on the premises.
  6. Gambling is prohibited. Non gambling board and card games are permissible.
  7. No smoking except in designated area.Panhandling and solicitation will not be permitted.
  8. Panhandling and solicitation will not be permitted.
  9. Children under 16 must be supervised by adults at all times.
  10. Pets are not allowed inside the building. Service dogs are permissible
  11. Clubhouse hours are posted. No one should be on premises except during open hours.
  12. Vehicles are not to be left in the parking lot for 24 hours without special  permission from the Board of Directors. No vehicle maintenance in parking lot.
  13. All attendees and guests should clean up after themselves.
  14. Appropriate attire, including a shirt and shoes, is required
  15. The 24th Street, Inc. club address cannot be used as a personal mailing address.
  16.  Any other conduct or behavior which interferes with the principles and objectives of 24th Street Clubhouse is prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Sexual Harassment Policy 

24th Street is a safe haven where we mend broken minds and spirits. Any form of  harassment toward any person, including but not limited to uninvited verbal  comments of sexual nature or uninvited physical contact will not be tolerated at 24th Street. Such behavior is inappropriate, unacceptable and is prohibited. No  means no.