Membership in A.A. and Al-Anon

According to Tradition Three, the only requirement for membership in A.A. is a desire to stop drinking. For Al-Anon, the only requirement for membership is that there be a problem of alcoholism in a family member or friend. That’s it, nothing more.
There are never any dues or fees to belong to A.A. or Al-Anon – or to attend any meeting at the 24th Street Clubhouse.

Membership in the Club – Separate, but with a Common Purpose

Membership in 24th Street, Inc., is open to all members of A.A. and Al-Anon who voluntarily join 24th Street to give that “something extra” to support the clubhouse.
As per Tradition Six, A.A. and Al-Anon Family Groups are separate entities from each other and the clubhouse. They are not affiliated with each other or with 24th Street, Inc. There is much involved with keeping the clubhouse open and operating every day of the year. Accordingly, club members elect officers and directors to oversee day-to-day operations. And members pay modest dues to support 24th Street: $25.00 per month, or $300.00 per year.
​Apart from payment of dues, there are no other requirements. You can be as active in the Club as you want – the choice is yours. As a member, you will be eligible to vote, hold office, serve on committees, and participate fully in the affairs and activities of the Club.
You will find that the fellowship in 24th Street adds to the fellowship you are already enjoying in A.A. and Al-Anon.
“I feel a deep commitment to the A.A. traditions and recovery at 24th Street. And, being a member is helping me to grow tremendously in relation to doing more service work.” -BR